Full stack serverless web development with Javascript

When AWS released Lambda, it was a total revolution and a music to any CTO’s ears. You could finally run code without worrying about the underlying infrastructure. But while Lambda was exciting, it was designed with a specific set of use cases in mind and these use cases all focused on backend services.

That’s great, but what about full stack web apps with a nice presentation layer? Smart people at AWS put together a great reference architecture showing how you can use a single web page with a ton of client side JavaScript making backend calls to Lambda. That’s wonderful, but this architecture won’t work for large, complex apps with sophisticated business logic. Your business logic needs to be organized and your front end pages or forms need to be individually viewable and editable. And the bigger and more complex your application is, the less you can use Lambda as is.

So, what’s the solution? One word: Zuilder!

Zuilder is serverless, just like Lambda, but it allows you to build full stack apps. You build your individual forms or pages using XML markup similar to the one you see in ASP.NET, JSP, and PHP. You then implement your server side logic using JavaScript. You use Zuilder’s productivity tools and wizards to build pages five to ten times faster than you normally would. And then you deploy your app to the Zuilder cloud and go get a good night’s sleep, because you don’t have to worry about the infrastructure. Your app is totally serverless. That’s right. You don’t need to create any servers. Just pay Zuilder for the hits your application generates and database and file space it uses. Zuilder handles the rest.

What’s also cool about Zuilder is that the Zuilder environment automatically handles a number of things you are so used to programming. For example, Zuilder handles authentication, audit trails, password policy, reports and dashboards, user management, and permissions, among other things. And when you do build apps, you use wizards to automatically generate code that’s repetitive and boring, like the code you need to display a form and allow the user to create a new record or update or delete an existing one.

Considering Zuilder developer accounts are free, you have no reasons to not sign up.



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