Zuilder 11 is out

Welcome to the most exciting version of Zuilder!

When we created the first version of Zuilder, we made web development five times faster. When we created Zuilder 8, web development speed doubled and then it doubled again with Zuilder 9. Every time we released a new version of Zuilder, we introduced more innovation than our competitors could imagine and it would take them many months to catch up. And then of course we were pretty secretive about our innovation. You always had to be an active, paying customer to learn about Zuilder’s capability, so our competitors don’t even know what they have to copy.

But now we are taking another exciting step in what we think is the right direction. We are releasing Zuilder 11 and we are telling everyone exactly what it does. Why? Because it’s time we give this ancient industry a push and tell them that it’s time for them to innovate as well.

So… Welcome to Zuilder 11.

Zuilder 11 was built around the way traditional web developers like to work but with superb productivity gains. Developers can now define and build apps using dynamic pages that look like ASP.NET, JSP, and PHP. They can define their business logic using traditional JavaScript. And most importantly, they can use numerous wizards to build apps and individual components automatically, with a single button click.

One of the most exciting features is that we now offer Zuilder in a totally serverless way. While traditional web development requires provisioning and management of servers, Zuilder can run in a fully-managed Zuilder cloud, where you never have to think about infrastructure management. Just build your app and deploy it and Zuilder will take care of the rest.

To showcase the power of this approach, we built a fully functional CRM (customer relationship management) system in seven hours. Of those seven hours, we spent six hours putting together requirements and an hour actually building the app.

Isn’t this exciting?

So, if you are an ASP.NET, JSP, or PHP developer, or if you are simply looking for a better, more exciting way to build apps, sign up for your free Zuilder account today and check it out.

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