Introducing Zoltar

Two years ago, Zuilder introduced Einstein, an artificial intelligence engine that acted as a rule engine and an expert system. A year later, Einstein added an AI gateway, allowing developers to access APIs of third party artificial intelligence engines right from Zuilder. Most recently, Einstein introduced support for decision trees and BPM workflows.

Now that we’ve accomplished a lot, we’ve decided that it’s time to turn a page in Einstein’s book of life and introduce a completely new AI experience.

Introducing Zoltar.

Zoltar is a totally new technology that completely replaced Einstein. While it’s 100% backwards compatible with Einstein, it offers a ton of new functionality.

Today’s apps must be smart. They should proactively learn. They should read users’ minds. They should offer advice. They should… well, it’s a surprise.

Zoltar is immediately available in Zuilder 8, but it will have an even bigger surprise in Zuilder 9.

But pssst! Don’t let anyone know!

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