Why you should stop programming now

You! Yes, you! You should stop programming now!

Think about the last 10 apps you’ve built. They’ve all been the same. Every app has authentication, logging, and many forms. You can call these forms anything you want – pages, forms, interactive widgets, or creations of the very artistic you, but the bottom line is the same – you are building HTML that interacts with the database.

Aren’t you bored doing the same repetitive tasks over and over again? How many times will you implement authentication, password resets or database-driven HTML? How many times will you be called because there’s a problem with the server your app runs on? Isn’t it time you focus your efforts on more productive and fun stuff, like figuring out how to deliver the best end user experience or optimizing code to achieve galaxy-grade performance?

You spend too much time writing boring code that was already written 1000 times before. You need a different approach. You need a system that covers the boring, repetitive part of your work and lets you focus on the 20% that can only be done by the unique you. Oh, and as a developer, you should focus on your app, not your servers.

So how do you do this? When you have the next project, consider a different programming paradigm. Take Zuilder, for example. If you use Zuilder in your development project, you will see that it will cover 80% of not-so-fun redundancy for you automatically. Some things can be automated using wizards, while others exist out of the box. You build apps using dynamic pages that look like ASP.NET or JSP and you code your logic using server-side JavaScript.

Your app building speed will increase five fold and your boss will ask you which planet you are from. At some point you will have to tell him the truth though, otherwise it will be hard to explain why he no longer has to worry about servers and how he started saving money on infrastructure all of a sudden. And then maybe he will use cost savings to give you a bonus and pay for the beach house rental you’ve been looking at.

Happy Zuilding!

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