Why we are here

Most companies start blogs before they have a product. In fact, they usually start with a guy and a dream. We are a bit further than this. We are on version six, with version seven coming out soon. So why start now? Because you’ve asked!

Over the past year, we’ve accumulated a small but loyal fan base that believes in Zuilder. We’ve seen Zuilder t-shirts in the first row of a football game. We’ve helped people bid on large development projects involving Zuilder. We’ve heard potential customers asking if Zuilder can power sprinkler systems. And most importantly, we’ve seen it in production, used on a large scale, with a lot of users, serving a big purpose.

Put it simply, Zuilder works and it works great.

But this is just the beginning. Our vision is to develop Zuilder in such a way that it will refocus software developers on tasks that deliver more value. It should be simple enough for a 90-year old grandma to figure out and powerful enough to reinvent entire industries. You can already run Zuilder on a car dashboard, but we’d like to see it on a space shuttle. Of course that’s after Zuilder reinvents the manufacturing floor, telecommunications, banking, and other enterprises.

We invite you to start following this blog so you can learn more about Zuilder and what it can do. We believe in the future where software can be built by users, while developers can focus on more productive tasks.

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